To: San Diego Section Members
From: Chris Freeman, Past President
Ref: Meeting Programs questionnaire

Please take a short time to answer this questionnaire . Doing so will keep the momentum building our local section.

There are three types of meetings. Our typical meeting is the informational type. Second is the general interest type; these try to appeal to a broader audience and are usually presented in December and June. The third type is a tour of a facility, plant, manufacturing location, etc. A good mix of meeting subjects, including tours and general interest topics provides for a successful year.

In order to make each meeting a success, certain things must happen. Primarily a subject matter must be chosen. Once this is done, a speaker (or panel of speakers) needs to be found. This is where we need your help; if you know somebody who might be able to speak on a certain topic, let us know.

Tour meetings offer us a chance to see instrumentation and controls in a variety of local settings. We have suggested a handful and welcome your suggestions for others. Some factors to consider here are geographic location (is it convenient for enough) and where would we eat/meet afterwards? It is necessary to find a tour leader (or more) that knows the facility and can explain its operation and function, highlighting our group's interests.

As mentioned, the general interest meetings occur in December and June. These allow us an opportunity to bring our significant others. Subjects for these meetings vary considerably from year-to-year. Again we have some ideas here, but we want your input.

Another important aspect of the meetings is sponsorship. In order to defray costs and make them affordable, we need a sponsor for each. The sponsor can expect to reach a certain group of attendees and members. When properly matched with a meeting, this can be a valuable tool in the sponsor wants to have customers and clients learn more about a particular subject.

Please follow the instructions on the following questionnaire. This will allow us to better tailor the programs to what everyone wants. If you have any suggestions or comments, please do not hesitate to share them. We also welcome whatever help you can offer.

Thank you.

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Originally uploaded June 12, 2000