Presidents Column
April 1999

April and the Executive Board

Well it's April. Time to pay taxes and time to start rooting for the Padres. I'm only looking forward to one of those mind you. Also its time to ask all of you if you would like to get involved in the ISA Executive Board. I have laid out the benefits of the ISA before, but let me try my sales job again. Personal growth, skills development, networking with the local controls and instrumentation community, and understanding the landscape of our community in San Diego are all among the benefits. What do I mean by understanding the landscape? I think one of the key parts of my business is knowing when I should do the work and when I should farm out some of the work or ask for help from all of you. I feel that the ISA lets me understand what all of you do in your jobs, and lets me make better decisions. Being on the board probably doubles the effect of the ISA for me. Personally the ISA has been a key part of growing my business. I have found many friends and respected peers in the ISA, and they have seen fit to give me about 1/3 of my consulting referrals. Well I'll get off my soapbox and stop trying to sell you on the virtues of the ISA. I'm just proud all of you are members!

Web Page News

Anyone who sees David Dohm should thank him for deploying the San Diego web page. He is the webmaster and has done a wonderful job. Check out the page at:

At our next board meeting we will be setting policy for the page. You can get a link to a personal web page of yours free of charge, and we will also set a policy on links to commercial links (such as your businesses and places of employment). We may charge a fee for such links. David will take all feedback, so please if you do anything after reading this column, check out the web page. I really see it as a key part of the future of the San Diego ISA.

Presidents Winter Meeting

I hosted the District Vice Presidents for a dinner down in Pacific Beach near the Catamaran Hotel they were having their meetings at. A good time was had by all.

March Meeting and Dinner Meetings vs Lunch Meetings

We had an excellent meeting attended by 22 people in March. I am always happy when we can get over 20 people, because we only have about 180 members. I see getting 10% of our membership as a big success. Thank you to our speaker and to Caltrol for sponsoring the meeting. I also heard that some people miss having regular dinner meetings. I also know many people like the lunch meetings. If we had more time, I would say we should do both. Thank you for reading this far into my column and I wish you much success in all your endeavors. Contact anyone on the board if you need anything. Call us if you want to attend one of our board meetings.

Tom Ludwig
San Diego ISA Section President

Originally uploaded March 18, 1999.