November 2008

It was good to see such a positive response to Raj Adani's presentation on wireless HART 7.0 at the September meeting. We all want to thank Dynalectric and Joe Hohn for providing their conference room for this informative meeting.

We are all working to continue to provide you with the meeting topics that are relevant to as many as possible. As a wise person once said: "If you plan it they will come". That is if you plan the right one they will come.

That brings us to the program for Nov. a tour of Stone Brewing in Escondido. Something just a little different combining information on the Siemen's BRAUMAT DCS that is used to control their process to the social / networking aspect.

UP-DATE: Houston, TX. Several significant measures were passed at the ISA Council of Delegates meeting in Houston this October, including what the letters I...S...A represent, which now is International Society of Automation, making it easier to remember and easier for those outside the industry to understand. This new name should stick until we have to change it to the "InterGlactic" Society of Automation in the very distant future.

Please reserve your spot for the Stone Brewing tour by clicking HERE . The date is Nov. 19th Wed. Sign up now because we are limited to a total of 20 people. Hope to see you there.

Jim Van de Wetering
Blair-Martin Co., Inc. San Diego
858 208-9713

PS: Please contact me regarding any ISA business.

Page updated Nov 13, 2008